Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Mt Olivet is very fortunate to have a wonderful group of musicians who sing and/or play instruments. There are a number of ways that you can get involved.

Read what Claudia Phillips, our Music Minister, has to say:

“Do you remember how glorious our Easter music was this year, with 30 voices singing out the miracle of God’s amazing sacrifice for our salvation? Our offering of praise could have that kind of power each Sunday with the addition of those of you who like to sing. Consider what an impact your presence would have on our wonderful core of choir members. And consider the fact that singing is actually good for your health (not to mention the laughing that goes along with our rehearsals).

Do you recall the lovely, moving, and sometimes rousing music that the hand bell choir offers once each month? Did you know that we could increase the range of that choir by 50% with just 3 more ringers and that we would have so much more music available to us with the addition of those 3 ringers? Ringing is fun and uplifting and is a boost to your cognitive and coordination skills (great for the young and a must for us baby boomers).

Have you tapped your toes to the music provided by our Praise Team and thought, “I’d like to do that?” Well you can! If you have an instrument that you need to dust off and tune up, or you like to sing out in harmony, then the Praise Team is calling to you.
So many places for the addition of your talents to make a huge difference! God gave those talents to you. I challenge you to use them for His glory as you build up that part of Christ’s body that is your church family! Our singer, ringers and players are incredible people. You’ll be blessed in their presence as you use your gifts to bless others. Call if I can further help you make a decision. (804) 752-0012”

Claudia Phillips