Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
Pastor Profile

General Requirements:

The Pastor must first and foremost feel called of God to lead the flock at Mt Olivet Baptist Church. The Pastor is expected to have graduate theological training in an accredited seminary; five or more years of successful experience as pastor of a Southern Baptist Church, or in a significant denominational leadership position.


The Pastoral candidate will need to be able and willing to share his beliefs on social and community issues that may impact the direction or influence of the church. It is paramount that the pastor knows what he stands for so the church can be assured his beliefs and interpretations of the scriptures are true to the core Biblical doctrines.


It is our conviction that the Pastor’s primary role is to teach the Word of God and provide
strategic leadership and vision to the body. His goal is to help mature people, equipping them to
be true “ministers” in the body. He must strive to teach and lead by word and example.

Congregational Requirements

The Church Family has expressed that the pastoral candidates exhibit the following characteristics:

  • effective preacher/leader
  • caring/sensitive to needs of others
  • effective planning/leading worship
  • helps people grow spiritually
  • capable administrator
  • effective counselor
  • deals effectively with conflict
  • ministers well with people in crisis

Assumptions and Core Beliefs

It is assumed that the Pastor’s core beliefs will be founded in scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The pastor should believe in the Great Commission in all its forms; to the church, community and to the world.


The pastor must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, a person whose life bears testimony of divine calling and gifts for ministry, and one who joyfully accepts his responsibility, convinced of God’s leadership and enthusiastic affirmation of the church. The pastor will lead the church in fulfilling the Great Commission.


The pastor should have the gift of preaching, be a persuasive communicator of the Gospel, and provide encouragement and guidance for the church leaders and committees in planning, coordinating and evaluating the activities of the church. The pastor should be knowledgeable of all aspects of the work.


The pastor will supervise the staff, evaluate their work and administer the program of the church. The pastor will give leadership in developing and recommending strategic goals and actions which address the needs of the church and community, lead the church to develop a budget to meet these needs, and have skills to motivate lay leaders to achieve those goals.


The pastor will visit and counsel with church members to provide encouragement and support during times of special need. The pastor should be warm, outgoing, friendly and approachable; able to relate to all age groups, and seek to minister to every person in the congregation.


The pastor must be an effective witness of Jesus Christ, provide leadership in evangelism, outreach, education, mission projects and emphasize the need for qualified persons to respond to God’s call to missions and ministry.


The pastor’s style of leadership shall be characterized more by influence and persuasion than by control and coercion. The pastor will be inclusive in spirit and a proponent of historic Baptist Distinctives, including the primacy of Scripture, the dignity and worth of every person, the priesthood of the believer, freedom of conscience and religious liberty.


The pastor will lead the church to cooperate with community groups and other Baptist entities at the local, state, and national level, and be an articulate interpreter of the ministry of our church.

"God commands us to teach the scriptures to our children"

- Deuteronomy 6:7