Sunday Children's Worship

Each Sunday children age four who are potty trained through 5th grade begin the 11AM Sunday Worship Service with their families in the Sanctuary.  They may go with the Children's Minister to participate in children's worship after the offertory hyme.  During this worship time, they will make discoveries about the journey of life with Jesus through a lesson, prayer, games, crafts and fellowship.

They are currently working in Exodus and are learning how God raised up Moses to rescue His People from bondage in Egypt.  He saved them from physical captivity like He would one day save His people from spiritual captivity by sending Jesus, a Deliverer greater than Moses.  As the people of Israel traveled toward the promised land, God made a covenant with them and instructed them how to live holy lives in an unholy world. God also gave them rules for worship. God's law sustained their relationship with God until His perfect plan was revealed through Jesus Christ.

Join us each Sunday for Children Worship.