Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Classes

There is a class for everyone during Sunday School.


Nursery (Crib & Toddler) Cathy Williams & Sandy Carroll Room 100
Preschool (Ages 2-4) Angela Drumheller & Cheryl Puryear Room 102


Kindergarten –Grade 1 Kathy Williams & Carly Hobbs Room 103
Grades 2-3 Carol Brigham & Wanda Laing Room 206
Grades 4-5 Dawn Dill Room 204


Grades 6-7 Kristen Axselle Room 202
Grades 8-12 Megan Dill & Jimmy Van Riper Room 200

Younger Adults

The Café Janice Igou & Damon Igou Room 213
Odd Fellows Burnlie Montaigne & Terry Schools Room 212


Agape/Alpha (Couples) Ron Williams Room 210 A&B
HOPE (Ladies) Carol Draper Room 210 C
Fellowship (Couples) John Axselle Room 210 D&E
Searchers (Median Men) Neal Brigham Room 211

Older Adults

Joy Class (Couples) Steve Rhyne Room 216
Men’s Class Russell Bumpass, Tom Phillips, & Jack Rusher Room 214
Fidelis Class (Ladies) John Montaigne Room 124
Lydia Class (Ladies) Ernest Mason Room 114


Visit the Welcome Center for help in locating your classroom