Deacon Ministry Teams


There are 17 men who serve as Deacons at Mt Olivet. Their role is to enhance the general well-being and ministry of the church. They work with the staff in identifying and responding to the spiritual and tangible needs of the membership and its pastoral community.
Members of the congregation are encouraged to “team up” with deacons to provide support and assistance to families in the church and community. You may join any of the 7 teams and have a part in helping others.

Ministry Teams

Caring Ministry

This team ministers to grieving families. Upon the death of a member of Mt Olivet Baptist Church or its Sunday School, the church offers to provide a reception or meal in the church’s Fellowship Hall following the funeral. Meat, bread, beverages, and paper products are paid for by the church, with other dishes provided by volunteers. This ministry is an expression of sympathy, concern and love of Mt Olivet’s members and a witness to the family in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Community Missions

This team will coordinate with the members of Mt Olivet Church to provide manpower and talent to help members of our community with needs which they might have.

Greeting Team

Members of this team will provide a warm welcome to people as they arrive for services – whether worship, Sunday School, or other special events.

Homebound Ministry Team

“Homebound” is a term that describes members of the church who are confined to home or long-term assisted care facilities because of age, illness, or any other infirmity.
Team members make periodic contacts (in-home visits, cards, phone calls, etc.) with members of the church who are homebound. Team members will want to inform homebound members of church news, share words of encouragement, and offer to pray with the homebound church member.
Team members also may offer to take Communion to the homebound member and his/her family.
If team members observe any specific needs of the homebound family and feel that the church may be able to offer assistance, they will communicate those needs to the appropriate persons or groups within the church.

Hospital Ministry Team

Hospital ministry is defined as the personal contact with a hospital patient for the purpose of encouragement, prayer and spiritual blessing.
Team members aim to make at least one visit per week to any church or Sunday School member who is in the hospital or has recently been discharged from the hospital. Team members will want to communicate the compassion of the church family and to offer to have prayer with the hospitalized member. Team members may deliver devotional literature to the patient as appropriate. Remember to keep the visit short.

Worship (Ordinance) Ministry Team

The Baptist church celebrates two ordinances – Baptism and Communion.
Team members are responsible for taking care of the practical matters related to Baptism and Communion. Specific duties are detailed in the Deacons’ Minutes

Prospect – New Member Visitation Team

Team members will make a personal contact with people who are new to our church – informing them about the church and inviting them to become involved in the ministries and programs of the church. This contact may include the delivery of published material that describes the ministries of the church. Responsibilities include planning the outreach effort, determining how records are kept, what materials are delivered, etc.

Special Events Ministry Team

This team is responsible for planning and coordinating special events which promotes Christian fellowship, helping to connect members of the church and the surrounding community. The Team also seeks to support members of the church who are suffering loss, whether by death or some other circumstance.

Members of this team may serve in one of many roles that this team leads, such as

  • Organizing & hosting special events to help regular attendees and guests get to know one another better.
  • Sending greeting cards from the church for occasions as decided by the Pastor and Deacon Chairman
  • In the event of other losses such as job loss, fire, floods, or other situations that create a temporary dilemma, the team will share the compassion of the church as we provide support and search for practical solutions.